Holiday Party

Yesterday was our restaurant’s holiday party. Of course there was plenty of wine and debauchary. I’m not sure it could have been a service industry party without a little mischief. It’s really interesting when people you work with become your friends… Or that working 80 hours a week together only leads us to want to hang out more. Seeing people outside the kitchen is completely different. This was a much needed release in the terms of how stressed the holidays have been. 

My fiancé and I went to a Cajun restaurant close to our apartment tonight. It was good, but I could probably do better. There’s something about being able to cook a meal at home that always makes food better. Genuine favors and decision making. Did you know humans are terrible decision makers? We just aren’t good at making decisions. LIke for instance, is cooking the right job for me? I’m not sure it is, but if I go into another industry…  Would that be as satisfying? Would it give me the same rush? Maybe I should start the next entry with “dear diary”. This is basically an online diary. I hope no one from work ever finds it. 

Maybe one day I can become a butcher. I would love to learn about meant and how to break down whole animals, as animalistic as that sounds.



The dinner special tonight was beef bourguignon which couldn’t be more traditional. It’s a beef that has been braised in a rich stock, maybe an espagnole, vegetables and herbs. This can be served with buttered noodles or potatoes along with some wilted onions and mushrooms. It was perfect for a cold rainy day. 
What’s not perfect for a cold rainy day is an old stress fracture, plantar fasciitis, and two reconstructed acl’s. But there’s no crying in the kitchen. Not only do I have to be tougher than the boys I have to be smarter and more witty. I believe it’s important for people to understand if you’re out numbered in any situation you better hold your ground. I went to culinary school where I learned how to do traditional things, like cook beef bourguignon. It took being in a kitchen to learn respect. 

It was so cold and rainy I put a trash bag over myself to make it to the car. Unfortunately the boys had to squeeze me into it to not waste a larger trash bag. Needless to say the condom jokes came rapidly. At least they didn’t fart on me. 
Cheers, to beef bourguignon.  


Today’s the day.

I have always wanted to start a blog even just for a selfish activity after work where I could simply relax. By day, and all day, I am a sous chef at a local farm to table restaurant. I work hard. I am the only woman in the kitchen, which is not that uncommon… But it does lead to long days of wishing there was one female around to talk about silly things. On this blog I plan to express myself. This is going to be my selfish, dirty little habit.